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f.jpgFashion is a very broad term, it can reflect differently in different situations. It can be a style or a characteristic depending on which way you look at it. The last few days have been an overdose of celebrities walking down the ramp more in the ongoing Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai than the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week in Delhi earlier. These so called The fashion extravaganza’s make sense to a limited set of people while others just feel its a waste of time while the celebrities use the stage to hit the spotlight and keep themselves in public memory.

But is that all to fashion shows and all such fashion extravaganzas? People say clothes showcased at such events by designers are over hyped and overpriced which may be true in a sense but its half the truth.

I’ve heard people say that designing is nothing but a western concept to make clothing into a style and hype it up so that users spend one hundred times the price for the same product they can get done by a local tailor or a retail outlet. What they don’t understand is that designers are not about all flashy women and clothing, it’s a seriously creative job. Now my problem with this argument is that shirt designed by the local tailor is nothing but an imitation of the ‘first’ design of a shirt that was created. So it’s a cheap imitation of a design done by the creative designer somewhere.

I have seen first hand, the degree of research and sheer hard graft that goes into creating a garment.

The comfort that your tailor gives you is by copying the design of someone. The designers need to be there, because the innovations come from there.

Fashion shows are not just about celebrities or women with great bodies or overpriced stuff. Watching designers on FTV give a sense of what he or she is trying to express in clothes. But yeah most of the Indian designers on simply copy the west. They might have some fashion creativity but they don’t have any new ides to project themselves. They simply copy what the western world is doing. There is no doubt that we haven’t heard of any Indian designer who has been able to command respect overseas. Some of them might be selling ethnic Indian apparel under their names but they are just swimming in a fish bowl while looking at the sea.

It’s true that we live in a different world where most people are lost and running behind gloss and god. People die of hunger, lack of medicines, diseases, crime, and hatred. Women don’t have the free will in a lot of countries, including India. Designer clothes and the creation might be a useless thing for someone who’s just making enough to cover his/her body but THAT’S exactly the reason why designers and creativeness makes sense. It shows the endless possibilities, the possible high fly’s, the jump, the power of creative satisfaction, the love, the smile.


Fashion shows are NOT about Page 3 people walking down the ramp with no sense or care for the world. It’s not about the models. It’s about the designers, the thought, the uniqueness, the new idea.

What’s happening with India Fashion scene is stupid replica of the west. There have been no real path breaking ideas to have emerged from these shows. Fashion shows in India are just a party, its got nothing to do with creation. And for Fashion Shows in India, well Fashion sucks, Fashion style.

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