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It was just a routine day and as i was about to take a 5 minute break for half n hour, heh i happened to look at those two eyes. I call them X ray eyes. Why x- ray, you may ask… cause they are trying to see through…yeah see through all the pain and the suffering, see through the insult added after injury, see through to the harsh reality that we tend to ignore but this could very well be my eyes, your eyes, or eyes of anyone under the sun, heh.

It all started at a beach in Goa, the place where you would expect Purple Haze but this was cold blood instead. A teenage girl Scarlette Keeling dead under mysterious circumstances. The case was which has still to reach any logical conclusion sans the girls life is dragging on and least i may add that it would drag on till the hype dies and no one is interested and the family of the victim left alone to walk their long roads. I am not getting into the technicalities of the case and if for some reason anyone would want to follow it, they can follow the link above.

The fact is that India is not safe for tourists, it never was but i guess thats one of the things that makes this country a great place to travel with all its marvels. There is a lot of exploitation but still there is a lot of tourist inflow especially in Goa which is a sort of poor man’s Bali or a freedom for Purple Hazer’s or simply the sun, the sand and the sin associated with it. Sin? lmao. Anyways

So this kid who was prolly trying to get a high and got it all wrong and was sadly killed near a famous beach. Her family and her mother have been trying to find justice in this dark time and for now the media is helping along. For how long is anyone’s guess…

As if the murder wasn’t enough and to add insult to injury, the mother of the British teenager, who was raped and murdered last month in Goa is now worried at the possibility of police charging her with neglect for leaving her daughter alone.

After Scarlett’s death, police said the teenager had drowned after taking drugs, but changed their statement after her mother complained and a second autopsy suggested she had been raped and murdered.

So you see the police is only trying to follow the Law. The law which does not care a hoot for anyones lifes or the lives of anyone, the law who cant stop a teenager to fall trap to drug peddlers. Yeah but if you ask a question you can surely be countered by the law.

This is the Indian way. It wont change with this case as it never changed with a lot of other high profile cases. Indians live on Auto pilot and anyone who comes to India should be ready to live life in an auto mode unless ofcourse you have a bag full.

I was just amused to se those eyes and hence i posted this. I dont know if anyone would read or see what i mean or would even care but thats ok.. Sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words…


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