These are my reflections, staring at the sun. More like an invisible shadow of the mind and soul. Personally i like to read and currently i am just reading autobiographies as my latest genre fad. Although i read a lot of eccentric stuff, personally I am very much interested in Ayn Rand, Khalil Gibran, Nietzsche.

The basic aim of this web blog is to help me maintain some sort of a journal which can have a list of all of my realistic and non realistic thoughts. (Don’t ask me what a non real thought is :P) With so much happening and so much of non happenings around me it was not such a bad idea to write and express some of my opinions about things related to me or things that touch me somehow, somewhere. And so I am going to simply write what I feel and not what is right or wrong (morally or otherwise), not what others think, not what’s always been there. And as the mind is essentially an attribute of the individual, I hope to express whatever I see through the prism of my eyes or the reflections of my mind.